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Before applying to be a model, please visit the Gallery to get an idea of the types of photo shoots we do and read the Modeling FAQs on the Model Search tab above to learn more about model requirements and compensation possibilities. Please also visit the Shop tab above to see how your photos may be used.

All information is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone not directly involved with your photo session. The purpose of these questions is for model selection and photo shoot planning. Please answer each question as completely as possible. You must also attach some recent snapshots of yourself for an initial evaluation. Please do not complete the Model Application until you are prepared to answer all the questions and have several snapshots ready for upload. Required pictures include a closeup of your face and ones that clearly show your physical build (wearing only shorts or underwear, for example). Poses that would be helpful include: close-up of face, full-body front, full-body rear, profile (side), close-up of torso (chest & abs) wearing as little as possible. Additional nude shots (front and rear) are recommended if you are interested in nude work. Remember, if we can’t see what you look like, we can’t consider you for a model shoot. Samples pictures need to be large enough we can see you but less than 1 MB each in size. Complete the form, attach your sample images, and click the ‘Send’ button at the bottom. Note: the Model Application may not be compatible with your mobile device.

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What do you feel are your best physical features? (i.e. huge biceps, nice ass, awesome smile, etc.; required)

Your Interests and Activities

In what athletic activities do you participate? (Required)

Do you have any acting, acrobatics, gymnastics or performance dance experience?

What are some of your other interests, hobbies, or things you enjoy doing most with your free time?

What type of work do you do?

Modeling Preferences & Goals

What is your orientation (straight, gay, bi, not sure, none of your business)? (Required)

I would be comfortable being photographed... (Click the radio button indicating Yes, No or Maybe, all required). Please think carefully about the meaning of each option before selecting your response.

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Draped or Implied Nude

Rear Nude

Frontal Nude (Artistic)

Frontal Nude (Erotic)

Adult Videos with one of our Partner Studios

If you selected "Yes" to any of the nude modeling options, please include nude shots of yourself (front and/or rear).

With Another Model or Models

Please summarize any posing restrictions you have, especially related to any 'No' or 'Maybe' responses above, or with regards to posing with models of the same or opposite gender:

Do you have any unique wardrobe items or props or access to an interesting location that would be cool for a shoot? If so, please describe.

Please tell us if you have any specific modeling goals or additional comments or questions:

Do you have any previous modeling experience? If so, please describe your last job(s) and compensation you received (Required):

Compensation Expected (Check 1 or more, required). If you don't have any professional modeling experience, please set your compensation expectations accordingly.
 Exchange for Photos/DVD Travel Expenses Model Fee
(Optional)  I am very interested in pursuing modeling and would appreciate assistance with developing a model portfolio

If you anticipate a specific model fee, please describe:

How did you hear about our Model Search or Website?

Sample Pictures

Pictures of you online (Link to Facebook page, Model Mayhem profile, personal website, etc.):

Please attach a few recent snapshots of yourself that clearly show your physique and face for an initial evaluation. File size must be less than 1 MB each but large enough to see what you look like. If we can't see what your face and body look like, we can't consider you for a project. Poses that would be helpful include: close-up of face (let's see that smile!), full-body front, full-body rear, profile (side), close-up of torso (chest & abs) wearing as little as possible. Pictures of your body should have you wearing only shorts or underwear. Additional nude shots (front and rear) should be included if you indicated you are available for nude work on your Model Application. Remember, if we can't see what you look like, we can't consider you for a model shoot. If your sample pictures are promising but we are not sure if we can make you an offer, we may ask you to come in for a test shoot.

Face Picture (Required)

Body pictures should show your build (wearing only shorts or underwear).
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Last step! Click the Send Button below. If your pictures are too large or you missed a field marked 'Required' or have another error, you will be prompted to update it. If you see the message "Your Model Application was submitted successfully" then you know we received it. You will also receive a confirmation email that your Model Application was successfully submitted. If you do not, please contact us at model@prairievisionsphotography.com. Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder too - just in case we try to reach you and your mail system doesn't know us! Update: For some reason I've been getting reports that my email goes right to spam, probably since it's an auto-generated message. Please check your junk!

We will keep your Model Application on file. If and when we have a project we think would be a good fit for your look and modeling interests, we will be in touch. Feel free to follow up if it's been awhile since you've heard from us.